The Forests of Ireland

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Society’s founding, a digital version of The Forests of Ireland by H.M. Fitzpatrick is being made available. This book was published in 1966 in anticipation of the Society’s silver jubilee for the benefit of “the practising forester and of the general public.”

Sacred Trees of Ireland (book review)

The Sacred Trees of Ireland brings together a wealth of information on the history and origins of the “other-worldly” nature of our trees. It reaches back to the depths of our pagan Celtic beliefs and retraces their merging with the early Christian “new” religion. Dr Lucas visited each of Ireland’s ancient provenances and recorded the history and legends associated with our trees, especially those found at inauguration places and ecclesiastical sites and those associated with saints, holy wells and funerals.

The Society of Irish Foresters was founded on the 29th September 1942 “to spread knowledge of forestry in all its aspects”. To celebrate our 75th anniversary we have also reprinted this iconic publication, thereby ensuring its ready availability to a new audience of readers, researchers and scholars. This reprint of The Sacred Trees of Ireland, launched at a ceremony at the Phoenix Park in Dublin on the 29th September 2017, includes a complete list of the published work of A.T. Lucas, as compiled by Professor Etienne Rynne.


To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Society of Irish Foresters published a limited facsimile edition of Elwes and Henry’s masterpiece. The work contains a fascinating account of the worldwide travels of Elwes and Henry in search of trees; not only those that grow naturally in these islands but also species they believed would adapt to our climate and soils.

Forest Images – Father Browne’s Woodland Photographs

A selection of photographs from a bygone era, taken in the 1930s by the renowned Irish photographer Father Frank Browne SJ. The pictures show images of trees, woodlands and forestry workers at Emo Court, Co. Laois.