Irish Forestry  –  is a peer-reviewed journal publishing forestry research articles. It also covers all aspects of practice, history, policy, culture and related areas of forestry interest in Ireland. Irish Forestry has been published continuously since 1943. Full text articles are available free of charge as PDF files. Irish Forestry is published by the Society of Irish Foresters and is Ireland’s only technical publication on forestry.

Irish Forester Newsletter  – is a bi-annual newsletter published by the Society of Irish Foresters  which keeps members up to date with local, national and international forestry issues.

Policy Papers  – The Society has published a series of  papers  giving its position on a number of topics with the view to influencing policy makers.

Conference Proceedings – The proceedings of conferences that the Society has organised or co-organised are occasionally published.

Books – The Society occasionally publishes books on forestry related subjects.  The latest publication is a reprint of The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland by Elwes and Henry.

Web – The Society maintains the website  to provide an introduction to Ireland’s trees, forests and woodlands.  Covering all aspects of forestry it gives the reader an easy to understand overview of the Irish forestry sector, while at the same time, providing access to more detailed information on topics such as tree species, growing forests, wood processing and the public goods and services that our forests provide.